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Wolf Information

Post by Phoenix on Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:32 am

You've seen how the wolves look like, but now it's time to see how they act in your character's life.

Being a werewolf is no easy task. While you can blend in with humans, it can be difficult, especially for younger wolves. Wolves are their own separate being... for example: "Jane was walking through the woods, when her wolf growled at her. Hunt!" Now, the wolf's voice is mental and so are their actions, until they are let out. When you let your wolf out, you shift and you can now happily coexist with your wolf, because it's gotten what it wanted... that is, to be set free from your human cage. It's up to you if you want to give your wolf a name or not, but you have to say something that lets the reader know that your wolf is talking. "Emily snarled at the other person." Or "Ashley's wolf snarled at the other person."

Now for behaviors! You're wolf is extremely temperamental, and they are completely animal. Their goals are to survive and thrive, nothing else. They will constantly encourage you to let them out, and sometimes, they can take complete control of your body momentarily and growl for instance, therefore making your human form growl. This is what complicates living with humans.

The only way to control your wolf is to be on good terms with them, give them what they want, or use silver. To werewolves, silver is deadly. If you touch silver, you and your wolf will collapse/freeze at the least, or at the most pass out. Depending on how resistant you are to silver, your reactions will be different. More experienced, older wolves will be able to probably just seize up. But young apprentices will most likely pass out on contact. It's been known that werewolves will get tattoos injected with silver fragments so they can press on them when their wolf gets out of control, or simple silver piercings like a nose ring to control them as well.

While werewolves are extremely tall, they are also extremely powerful.


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