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Pack Information

Post by Phoenix on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:54 am

We have three packs. Each one has their own meanings and rules. Be sure to look at the ranks, for each one has different regulations.

Thanatos is the Greek word for "Death". These wolves are ruthless, cold-blooded murders. They aren't afraid to fight, but they also aren't afraid to fight among themselves at the same time, deterring most wolves away from their borders. But there are a few who live the life of pain, and enjoy that of others. If so, this is the pack for you. The pack's nickname is "The Death Pack".
Pack Color - #FF0000

Asfalis is the Greek word for "Safe". These wolves are all about peace and equality, but they still have different ranks of leadership and such. However, they are the complete opposite of Thanatos. While hurting others is encouraged in the Death Pack, it is treason in Asfalis. Harming anyone intentionally or unprovoked is considered a crime, and punishment will be dealt out for those who chose to do so. They are calm and kind and considerate. The pack's nickname is "The Shelter Pack".
Pack Color - #B812B2

Treximo is the Greek word for "Run". The members of this pack are extremely fast, and excellent at tracking. They are also masters of escape, and many of them are good at being persuasive. With quick feet and stealthy moves, the Treximo can worm their way out of any bad situation, and into any good one. If you live the fast life, definitely run to this pack's border. This pack's nickname is "The Speed Pack".
Pack Color - #0099FF


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