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Rules (Must Read)

Post by Phoenix on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:03 am

Hello and welcome to New Dawnings! We're always accepting new members, and we hope you choose to join us! But first, we need to set some ground rules...

Rule 1: Be respectful!
We expect that you will show utmost respect to our administrators and moderators. Without them, this site wouldn't be here! Also, respect those around you as well, even if they're just members. It's fun when everybody gets along!

Rule 2: Listen to admins/mods!
Our administrators and our moderators are the rule keepers here. They have their positions because they are familiar with roleplaying and understand that when somebody messes up, it's easy to help them fix it. But if you don't follow their instructions, things can and will get pretty nasty, and disobeying the rules in general is strictly forbidden.

Rule 3: No powerplaying!
This is extremely important. Powerplaying/godmodding is 100% not allowed here. When you powerplay someone, you take control over the other person's character without their consent. For example...

Not Powerplaying
"Steve attempted to tackle Bob, and if his move was completed, he would've tried to land a blow."

"Steve tackled Bob, pinning him to the ground successfully before beating the living crap out of him."

Godmodding means that your character is invincible and immortal. It's just unrealistic, so please don't do it. Also, nobody's perfect! Please don't create a character who's never messed up once in their entirely life and is perfectly perfect. If it doesn't happen in real life, it shouldn't happen on the site.

Rule 4: Use the templates provided!
Whether it be for creating a character or simply using the fighting code, please use the codes the admins have given you! They're there for a reason, and it's to keep the site nice and pretty, just as the site owner wants it. {Moon} If people are going off and doing their own thing, it kind of defeats the purpose completely.

Rule 5: RP with 3rd person!
We don't use first person around here, because it gets confusing for some people. For example...

First person
"I bought a lot of things at the store today!"

Third Person
"S/he bought a lot of things at the store today!"

Rule 6: No advertising!
Advertising outside of the specific advertising area is strictly forbidden! If you are caught doing this, you will receive three warnings before you suffer consequences such as temporary ban, or complete ban from the site forever. Please don't break this rule!

Rule 7: Use different accounts!
Each character you create should have it's own account. It gets extremely confusing when you use the same account to roleplay multiple characters, so please just create new ones with each character. It keeps the site and yourself organized!

Rule 8: Please let us know when you're leaving!
If you are taking a vacation with your family in real life and you won't be on much for a certain period of time, please tell us! It's simply being courteous to allow those you're roleplaying with to know you won't be online! It will save you from losing your accounts!

Rule 9: Mature things happen here!
This site is labeled Mature, which means things that are for mature eyes will go on here. {Howl} If you are planning a thread that is going to or may possibly contain mature content, please label it "Mature" or "M" in the title so we know what we're reading! Ex. "Glory Days/M". Do NOT break this rule!

Rule 10: Don't join if you won't stay!
Once you join, you have THREE WEEKS to post a character application, or you will be deleted without warning.

Rule 11: Even if we're mature, we don't need gross pictures!
Pictures that display things that wouldn't be displayed in public in real life will NOT be tolerated by any means. You will be banned with little to no warning. DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE!

Rule 12: Don't steal!
It's just not right! If you give us a suggestion or an idea for the site, it shouldn't be plagiarizing someone else. If somebody gives you artwork to use for your character, don't say it's yours when it's not. If you steal from us, we will be banning you without hesitation and alerting anyone who you gave our ideas/work to.

Rule 13: We are a LITERATE site.
We have a sentence minimum of 12 sentences. It's really not that hard to accomplish this in your posts if you want to get good respect from other members. Please look at *insert link here* for ideas on how to lengthen your posts!

Rule 14: Have fun!
We may seem a bit strict right now from these rules, but we promise that it's just for those who are new to the site. Rules are incredibly important on any roleplay site, just as it's important here. Please follow these rules, and note that they may be changed at ANY TIME WHATSOEVER if the site owner thinks something must be added or something might not be right. We hope you thing about joining us! Smile


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